FERMION Handcraft / Our values

FERMION Handcraft was born a few years ago from the idea of ​​giving other people an awareness of quality of life and individuality. This journey did not begin with a specific decision, but with the constant development of my own personality.
Before I go into the topics already mentioned, such as quality of life, I would like to take the opportunity to briefly introduce myself. My name is Benjamin, I grew up in Austria, lived in Switzerland for a few years, and currently in Germany. My goal is not only to think creative ideas, but also to turn them into reality. In addition, the focus of my life is on topics such as technology and natural sciences, dealing with other people, personal development, or hobbies such as photography and reading.
Very early on I started to deal with topics that normally get lost in everyday life. I'm talking about quality of life, conscious being and acting, individuality.
- Quality of life -
When we talk about quality of life, it is not about material things, or riches, like cars, houses, or fancy shoes. It is about essential issues in life, such as: well-being in one's own life situation; be happy together with the people around you; See life positively, even if not every day corresponds to the expectations.
- Consciousness -
Let us set ourselves a personal goal of consciously perceiving what we are doing and just concentrating on it at this moment. This is the only way we can see the beauty in it. What do you mean with that? We sit in the park, listen to music on the side, and check our emails at the same time. Our goal is: A lot in a short time.
Live consciously again, and step by step. Then you hear the birds singing again, recognize one of your favorite songs, or are consciously happy about a message from a friend.
- Individuality -
We often try to remember what defines us as an individual, as a person, as ourselves. Only do what you can identify with and where you can stand behind it. Find your own way, even if your "right" is the "wrong" of others.
What you will find in our shop :
Products that you encounter every day or that are unconsciously already part of your life. Our goal is to consciously focus on these products. We replace your previous mass product with handcrafted quality products that you can stand behind 100% and express your personality.
What we offer you is that you will consciously perceive your product in the future, as distinct from the standard.
So what is FERMION Handcraft now? A blogger page on life topics? An online shop? Are we for profit? Or do we want to show people a different lifestyle?
FERMION Handcraft is all of that. All of these topics fit together under one roof, in a common concept, in a common idea.