1. Custom orders and personalized orders
Write us a message to let us know your wishes.
Variations in thread colors are free.
We need to discuss other requests in detail in order to discuss feasibility and possible costs.
2. Size information
If you miss information about sizes in the product descriptions, please contact us and we will send you further product details.
3. Care instructions
The processed, vegetable-tanned leather forms a smooth patina within a short time of use, resulting in a darker color. Care products are not necessary.
4. Gift wrapping and packaging
All products are delivered in a rectangular cardboard box. To avoid damage during transport, depending on the product category, the product is also packed in a stylish fabric case and the empty space is filled with paper.
You can find pictures of the packaging in the shop.
Gift wrapping possible on request.
5. Product colors
Since we only use vegetable-tanned leather for reasons of sustainability, the colors of the leather vary slightly from delivery to delivery.
Also note that the brightness and color settings of your screen affect the colors.
6. The product you purchased is initially stiff
Since leather is a natural material, it takes some time until it adapts to appropriate shapes, for example in wallets until cards in card slots become easy to move.
(Remember real leather shoes)
Just be patient and this problem will go away by itself.
7. Product does not meet my expectations
Please contact us and we will find a solution to the problem together.