May 23, 2021


- How do we affect other people? -

We wear the same blue jeans as everyone else, the same t-shirts, have a standard hairstyle, and behave the way society expects of us. In short, we integrate ourselves completely into the system and do not stand out. We are one of 8 billion.

- Why do we spend our lives in this predefined structure? -

The answer is simple: we don't know any different!
How often do we go to a shopping center and see a store that isn't one of the big ones, like Nike, Zara, etc.? Who sells an alternative to the standard, or a store that even offers personalized products? We assume you know the answer.

But why is that?

It's not a lack of supply, it's our habits. We always look for the easiest and safest way. We buy from wholesalers because they can be found on every corner and we know exactly what quality to expect. In the same way, we eat in well-known fast food chains in foreign countries. We know what to expect, regardless of the quality.

- The crucial point-

Let's risk more! Let's make decisions where we don't know what to expect. But we can be surprised by them. This is exactly where we find our individual product or our own experience.

Start filling your life with quality. Personalize your style. Think about whether you can identify with a product. Whether it reflects your individuality.

Let's live our lives the way we already draw it in our heads. Live uniquely. Live individually.