From the idea to the product

What is the difference between a 4-star product and a 5-star product?

It's not just the quality of the end product that matters. Even more important is the HOW this product comes about and what story it has to tell.

All of our products start with an idea, to create a product that inevitably stands out from the crowd. Our focus is on quality and individuality. It becomes a product that is consciously perceived.

The prototype

Once the idea of ​​a new product is in place, we start with the first sketches and the first prototypes. The focus here is only on the essentials, such as:

  • Is the product even feasible like this?
  • Does it meet all the requirements that were defined in theory?
  • Does the product fit comfortably?

The optimization

If the prototype meets all requirements, we begin to manufacture the product from high-quality materials. From now on, careful and accurate processing counts.

In many cases, however, the product still needs to be improved, dimensions changed and workflows adapted. This optimization phase extends over a longer period of time.

The final product

Once the optimization phase has been completed, the product can now go "online" and be made available to the customer.

All work steps, from cutting to the final processing of the edges, are carried out exclusively by hand.

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